Zombie Shooter Sniper Rampage

Zombie ShooterSniper Rampage

You need to hunt zombies, keep alive and save the survivals. Kinds of weapons can let you hunt zombies by any way you prefer.

Whether you like accurate short-bursts or like the rain of bullets, whether you like a close battle or single shot from long distance,

you can feel good shooting pleasure by using different guns in this game.

There are some zombies like big monster and some others can fast moving on the ground.

There are even several zombie captains can be challenged by you.

Fire on their weakness, it can help you to beat the strongest zombie captain. Beat these zombies, find and hunt the zombie captain, then gain rewards and buy more powerful weapon.

Exciting and exquisite game graphics will make you immerse in this zombie world, pull the trigger, shoot , gain the rewards, buy new guns, upgrade equipment, You will step on the way of hero.

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