Native Region 

The sun conure is native to South America, specifically Venezuela, Northern Brazil and Guyana. 

The sun conure is no messier than smaller birds and loves to be outside of the cage for playtime. A sunny will revel in its owner’s attentions and isn’t a bird that enjoys being left alone.  

Care & Feeding

These birds are playful clowns, lying on their backs or dangling from a rope toy — they are forever amusing. They are also easily trained, but will bite if provoked. 

Personality & Behavior

In general, however, the sun conure is extremely affectionate and cuddly and will be deeply loyal to a gentle owner. This is a good family bird and will not “turn” on family members if they are kind and attentive to the bird. 

Conures, including sun conures, can be prone to feather picking. If a complete medical exam rules out medical causes of feather plucking, boredom and/or lack of appropriate mental stimulation can be a cause.  




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