Plant roots aren’t adequate food for betta fish. Bettas are carnivorous animals who, in nature, eat mostly insects and insect larvae.   

Betta fish can experience frustration and depression. While most of them can be happy in a tank alone, their environment still needs plenty of enrichment, such as caves, plants

Can Betta Fish Live With Other Fish?                   With ample space and hiding areas, female bettas may be able to live in a peaceful group. While males will fight with other males

Betta Fish Behavior According to PetMD, betta fish can recognize their human guardians. They usually swim about excitedly when they see their guardian approaching. 

Do Fish Get Frustrated Inside a Tank? Pet shops, discount superstores, florists, and even online catalogs sell “decorative” bettas in small cups or flower vases. 

How to Set Up a Betta Fish Tank Setting up and maintaining a proper aquarium for any fish species is much more complex, expensive, and time-intensive than most people realize, which is one reason why PETA suggests never buying fish as “pets.




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