The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a traditional breed of the Pyrenees. In France it is usually called the 'Patou'.[note 1] It is sometimes claimed that its forebears – and those of the Pyrenean Mastiff – were white livestock guardian dogs brought to the area from Asia in Roman times 

Be confident

A continuation of “be patient” is to be confident. A Great Pyrenees will challenge you. They are independent dogs that were bred to do their job without humans. 

Keep it positive

The Great Pyrenees is an extremely sensitive breed, despite their large size and sometimes intimidating demeanor. 

Focus on bonding

I have noticed that the most obedient pyrs are the ones who have the greatest bonds with their people. 

Keep a sense of humor

You’re going to lose your mind. It’s a part of having a Great Pyrenees, especially an adolescent.

Practice everywhere

Your pyr can have a rock solid down-stay in your home, but that will rarely translate into other situations.




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