Luna is amazing! We’ve had so much fun getting to know her and seeing  her personality evolve as she has gotten more comfortable in the house.  We had a dog and a cat already. Luna first warmed up to the dog, Emmy,  but she and our other kitty, Lillie, are now daily playmates in the  evening when the kids are in bed. 

What a fabulous couple of days! Mr. Pigoo slept in my lap the whole way  home. He’s adapting quite well to his new home. What a bundle of energy!  Holy moly! I’ve never seen a kitty run so fast! This once-sluggish  kitten who didn’t want to eat is now faster than Usain Bolt! 



From Finley: I have finally settled into my new home. I get so much  attention and love. Even treats! From Jill: I love Finley so much; she  is my girl. Thank you for taking good care of her while she was with  you. She is what I needed in my life. 


This note is from me, Troy, with my mom helping me type it because my  paws are a bit too big for the keyboard. Thank you so very much for  helping my mom make it official that I get to be a part of my new family  forever. I am so very grateful to everyone at Best Friends who made it  possible. You are all angels! 




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