It’s safe to say that Randy has a type when it comes to dogs. Having had  multiple pit bull-type dogs in the past, he wanted to open his heart  (and his home) to another. Sadie has a personality as big as her body,  and she and Randy hit it off immediately. We’re happy to report that  she’s fitting in well at his home. 

Easygoing Hamburglar is one laid-back cat. He sees a potential friend in  everyone, whether they’re human, canine, or feline. This loving  attitude made taking him home a no-brainer for his adopters. They say  he’s found all the soft places to sleep but prefers the ones that  include people. One of his adopters says, “He sleeps in my arms at night  with his head under my chin. We are all in love with him.” 



It’s superstitious to think that black cats are bad luck, but thankfully  the Rouhizad family didn’t believe that for a second. They adopted  their new black kitten from Best Friends, named him Lucky, and then got  him a clover-shaped ID tag (undoubtedly for extra good luck). His  adopters say, “We all love him and are so happy he is part of our  family!” He’s the very definition of lucky. 


No hearing, no problem. This deaf dog, Ghost, arrived at Best Friends  exuberantly happy and playful. You’d never know by looking at him that  he can’t hear. While having a dog who’s deaf requires using different  ways to communicate with him, that doesn’t faze Ghost’s adopter,  Larissa, who has had deaf dogs in the past. 




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