Origin and History

The Owl Finch is part of a large family of birds known as waxbill, or Estrildid finches. The Estrildidae family is comprised of more than 130 species, including the Owl Finch. Other finches in the Estrildidae family include the Gouldian Finch and the Zebra Finch. 

Though it is primarily a solitary species, a canary in the midst of breeding season will want to mate, and though some canaries will show little interest in anything but breeding, some do become fiercely attached to a mate. 

Care & Feeding


Canary enthusiasts are among the most passionate of the bird keepers — they need more than a little zeal to master the hundreds of canary types, each with its own special traits. Canaries are bred for three basic characteristics: song, color, or type (appearance), though the male bird in each of these types will sing. 

Speech & Sound

Most canary novices will want a canary that sings well, rather than a ravishing beauty with a mediocre song. Finding a good singer is tricky business, and takes skill and experience. The longest and sweetest songs come from the male canary when he has reached maturity at 6 months of age or more. 




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