Sometimes you make a plan to adopt an animal, and sometimes it just  happens with no planning at all. Katherine and her family had recently  lost their dog of 14 years, and they came to the Best Friends to play with cats. But then they met Bailey. 

LeAnn had this to say about her very good boy: “He is a very relaxed,  smart, snuggly guy. Vinnie mostly gets excited for hikes, tennis balls,  and squeaky toys. Our days start out with a walk and then a training  session. My clients love him, and he helps soothe their anxiety by offering himself for pets or snuggles.” 


Coco Puff

Coco Puff had survived parvo and then spent two months getting  specialized veterinary care to help her recover from pain and stiffness  in her young body. Once she was feeling better, she had her television  debut on the local news, which is where Raymond first laid eyes on her. 


Iceman was just the puppy for him, and once the conference was over, the two of them embarked on a road trip home to Tennessee. 




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