Lovebirds are small African parrots that are named after the affectionate, strong, monogamous pair bonds they form with their chosen mate. 

Their voice apparatus allows a wide range of articulations, including the imitation of the human voice.  Although they are not known to be great talkers; and most never learn to talk at all. 

If bonded to a human, they will make a very special pet indeed; ever loving as is true to its name. However, they do need a mate that spends significant time throughout the day with them  

They make lively and energetic pet birds. They are available in a variety of colors and are playful and often boisterous birds. They require an owner who is willing to provide the care and attention this animated bird adores. 

Lovebirds can be very aggressive. If the female is hormonal, she could kill the other lovebird she is caged with. keep them separated but in clear sight of each other. 




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