Jenday Conure Colors and Marking

Jenday Conure has colorful feather markings, much brighter than that of Green Cheeked conures. However, Sun Conures are similarly closer cousins in this aspect. 

Like most conures, Jendays can get noisy. They make a very loud, shrill and raucous call that makes them a pain in the neck at times rather than charming companions. 

Talking & Mimicry Ability

Jenday Conure Lifespan

Jenday conures kept in a healthy environment with proper care, and fed a well-balanced diet can live for over 30 years. However, the average Jenday in captivity lives for an average of 20-25 years. Sadly, many parrots meet early deaths due to illnesses and accidents. 

Personality and Behavior

Jenday parakeets are very active pets and require a lot of attention. This is a key factor you have to consider because it means you need to spend more playtime with your bird, so it doesn’t feel bored.

Orange-Winged Amazon 

Orange-Winged Amazons make sweet and affectionate pets and bond closely with their owners. They have excellent speech abilities and charming personalities. But like many Amazon parrots, Orange-Winged .




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