Choose your at-home workout space

Designate a corner in your home as your workout spot. You only need a space the size of a yoga mat.   It’s best to not exercise in the same place you watch TV, relax, or eat. This will help you focus and stay committed to your workout. And help you resist your latest Netflix binge or checking your phone or work emails. 

Put on your gym clothes 

Dress like you’re going to the gym. You’ll feel more like exercising when you’re wearing athletic clothes. If your closet feels far away, stock yourself with some workout clothes in a nearby washroom. That way, you can quickly change when it’s time to exercise. 

Don’t worry about equipment

If you do have basic equipment such as hand weights and a mat, you’ll have lots of options. You don’t need to go into a fitness or sports store and break the bank. You can find inexpensive options online. If you’re going to use weights, it’s a good idea to have two different sets. 

Set realistic fitness goal

Start slowly, trust your strength, and treat your body well. You don’t have to jump into it full speed. Instead, commit to what you think is reasonable for your body and schedule what you can manage each week. 


5 minutes home workout

Happy fitness plan