Exhibition budgies type 

An exhibition budgie can be any type of budgie, such as blue, green, opaline, cinnamon, spangle, pied, fallow, lutino, albino, lacewing, yellowface, goldenface, clearbody, etc. 

Unfortunately, exhibition budgies are usually sick birds from the moment they are born. They often have diseases such as tumors and cysts. They also have heavier bodies than normal budgies. A heavier body causes a lack of movement and also prevents fly. 

An exhibition budgie’s lifespan is between 5-7 years. Exhibition budgies live a shorter life than normal budgies. 

Exhibition budgie lifespan

Breeding the exhibition budgies is a complex and long process. Besides, there is no single way to breed these budgies. Although the breeders control the whole process, breeding has always been a chance factor.

When it’s come to care, the exhibition budgies need top-level care. Exhibition budgies have chronic diseases, so the breeder must pay attention even more.




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